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Thong and Tanga Underwear

Fun, functional and flirty is a great way to describe Hanes thong and tanga underwear. We have an assortment of thongs and tangas to make you feel attractive and comfortable. Want to add a little excitement in your underwear choice? We have some sexier thong and tanga underwear options for you too. Choose from a variety of lacy thongs and tangas. When it’s time to shop for panties, you'll love our selection.
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PanachePinkAuNatural White BlueJaywLucentBlue NavywWhiteDotWhite LatteLift GentlePeachHeatherIvory ClassicStripePrintBlack Black
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SexyGreyAnimalPrint CharcoalHeatherPrintwReflectorGreen BlackWhitePrintwPinkExtreme LatteLift BlackDotPrint Black
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Buy 2 Get 1 FREE!
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Showing all 6 items