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Bali Bali Passion for Comfort® Minimizer Underwire Bra
Rated 4.3286/5 based on 1397 customer reviews
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Bali Passion for Comfort® Minimizer Underwire Bra

Style # 3385 (previously #20322)
2/$36 or 3/$48
Regular price $44.00 Sale price $19.99
This Passion For Comfort bra offers comfortable everyday support and minimizing.
  • Minimizes up to 1.5 inches!
  • Hidden underwire helps provide a more comfortable fit.
  • Pretty lace insets where cups meet straps.
  • Back adjustable straps for customized fit.
  • + More Details
    Care:Hand wash cold water, with like colors. Do not bleach. Line dry. Do not iron.
    Select Color: Color:
    Product Image
    • Black
    • Soft Taupe
    • White
    • White/Chateau Blue Leaf Print
    • Black/Nude Check Lace
    • Soft Taupe Check Lace
    • Pink Leaf Print
    • Warm Cocoa Brown
    • Black Lace
    • Rosewood Animal Print
    • Sandshell Lace
    • Cinnamon Butter
    • Toffee
    • Silver Lace
    • White Lace
    • Sandshell
    • Hush Pink
    Sizing & Size Charts
    Band Size:
    Band Size
    • 32
    • 34
    • 36
    • 38
    • 40
    • 42
    • 44
    Cup Size:
    Cup Size
    • C
    • D
    • DD
    • DDD
    • G