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February 9, 2019
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Yes, you can find the perfect bra for your party dresses!

There are special occasions throughout the year that require a dressy or party dress.

Whether you're going to a wedding, a holiday party, a bar mitzvah, a garden party, a cotillion, a sorority formal, the symphony, an awards dinner or just a special date night, you'll be wearing something special. And that special party dress deserves the perfect bra underneath.

In fact, you may have dresses in your closet that you can't quite bring yourself to wear because you don't have the right bra to wear underneath. When you wore that beautiful dress, your bra straps showed or the strapless bra slipped, or the band showed in back, or you just didn't look smooth and sexy in it. Maybe it was too tight in the bust or not voluptuous enough for the neckline.

Make choosing the right bra part of selecting any new dress and you won't have these issues. And pull that abandoned dress you thought you'd love out of the closet and make plans to wear it again. We're going to find you the right bra to wear with it.
Solutions for finding the right bra for your dress
Solution #1: 

The Convertible Bra

Most strapless bras are actually convertible. They come with straps that can be worn in several different ways. And when your dress is bare shouldered and you do need to wear your bra strapless, you'll be surprised that our bras don't suffer from either of the traditional flaws of strapless bras. 1) They aren't uncomfortable. 2) They do stay in place.

Most of us can't go braless. It's uncomfortable, because we need support. We don't look our best because saggy is not a good look. So a strapless bra is a must-have with strapless fashions.

We offer 10 completely strapless bras, from Bali, Maidenform, Lilyette by Bali, and Wonderbra, so you can shop your favorite brand. Here's one bra that's up to any challenge, our Maidenform Love the Lift Push Up and In Strapless bra that converts an amazing 12 ways. You may not be able to imagine outfits that need all those choices, but look, for instance at this pink dress that needs straps that cross in front.

A Bali favorite is the Bali One Smooth U Strapless Multiway Underwire bra, that converts 8 ways. It has hidden grippers to keep it in place and works for strapless dresses, halter necklines and criss-cross fashions.

Bali One Smooth U Strapless Multiway Underwire Bra Bali One Smooth U Strapless Multiway Underwire Bra
Solution #2: 

The Push Up Bra

If you are looking to make a big impression at an event in a dress with a plunge neckline, you may want to give a little boost. Maidenform and Wonderbra are the brands to shop for enhanced cleavage. Most push up bras have plunge necklines and graduated padding in the cups of the bra to push up and in, elevating your look. The Maidenform Love the Lift Push Up and In Demi is just one popular push up we offer. Some push up bras are also t-shirt bras like the Maidenform Love the Lift Natural Boost Demi T-Shirt Bra or are convertible like the Maidenform Ultimate Convertible Push-Up Bra. You can even choose a strapless push up bra, like the Wonderbra Ultimate Plunge Underwire Bra. We do offer silicone push up pads, but a push up bra is a better choice.

Maidenform Love the Lift Push Up and In Demi Bra Style DM9900 Bra Maidenform Love the Lift Push Up and In Demi Bra Style DM9900 Bra
Solution #3: 

The Minimizer Bra

If you try on that special dress and it's too tight across the chest, try a minimizer bra. We have more than a dozen minimizers, from Bali, Glamorize, Lilyette by Bali, and Just My Size, including a strapless minimizer. You can reduce your bustline by up to 1.75 inches in the Bali Satin Tracings Underwire bra. Presto! Dress fits again.

Bali Satin Tracings Underwire Minimizer Style 3562 Bali Satin Tracings Underwire Minimizer Bra
Solution #4: 

Bras for Backless Dresses

The Sexy Plunge Bra does the trick here, as does the Maidenform Wide Low Back Converter, which attaches to your favorite back-close bra. Another option is to choose a bralette with a beautiful back and let the lace show, like the stunning Maidenform Lace T-Back Bralette to add a pretty dimension to your dress.

Maidenform Sexy Plunge Bra Maidenform Sexy Plunge Bra
Solution #5: 

Smoothing Bras

Never wear a fancy dress, especially a bodycon dress (that is designed to flow tightly along your body) without looking at the back of the dress in the mirror. (Also, lift your arms and look at the side view.) Nothing destroys the look of a beautiful dress like an inadvertent bulge.

Playtex 18 Hour Side & Back Smoothing with Cool Comfort Wirefree Bra Playtex 18 Hour Side & Back Smoothing with Cool Comfort Wirefree Bra
There are three important smoothing issues:
  • 1) smooth, seamless cups which disappear with a t-shirt bra.
  • 2) Concealing your nipples (particularly in cold weather in a tight dress) and
  • 3) side and back smoothing.

T-shirt bras sound like a strange choice under a fancy dress, but they are designed to make sure you look smooth under any form-fitting garment. We offer dozens of t-shirt bras. Choose one from your favorite brand.


Concealing bras. Most bras with molded cups or light padding will prevent nipple show through, but Bali has bras with concealing petals on the inside specifically to solve this issue, including the Bali One Smooth U® Smoothing and Concealing Bra in Underwire and Wirefree.


Side and Back Smoothing bras have built-up sides and/or back to prevent those dreaded bulges under a form-fitting dress. Look for any bra in the Bali One Smooth U line, the Hanes Ultimate Smooth Inside and Out ComfortFlex Fit Wirefree bra or the Playtex 18 Hour Side & Back Smoothing with Cool Comfort® Wirefree Bra. Smoothing has become a super-popular bra feature, so you'll find smoothing bras from almost all our brands.

Bonus suggestion: Especially in hot weather, you may want to try Clothing Shields. Another way to ruin not only the look but also the fabric of a lovely dress is with a perspiration stain.
Solution #6: 

Bra Alternatives

A tank with a built-in shelf bra may be the solution for some outfits. Try the Bali Comfort Revolution Tank.

A body shaper with a built in bra is another solution under fancy dresses as they are shapers and bras in one. We offer seven beautiful body shapers from Bali and Maidenform shapewear, including a strapless body shaper, the Maidenform Body Shaper with Built-in Bra.

If you choose to go braless, you should probably use some nipple covers for concealment. We offer silicone and satin nipple covers.

Maidenform Body Shaper with Cool Comfort and Anti-Static Style DM1008 Maidenform Body Shaper with Cool Comfort and Anti-Static Style DM1008
The Wild Card: 


If your choice of bra is a success (meaning it won't show at all), the color may not matter. However, if the material of the dress is at all see through (stand in the light), the wrong bra color can ruin the whole effect of the outfit.

Match your skin color.
Match the color of the dress.
If you're intentionally letting a bralette show, you may want the bralette to match your dress or you may want a contrast color.
Maidenform Lace T-Back Bralette Style DM1126 Maidenform Lace T-Back Bralette Style DM1126

If you love the way you look in your dressy dress, put a photo on the OneHanesPlace Facebook page and tell us what bra you're wearing underneath!

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