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Hanes Silk Reflections Plus Control Top, Enhanced Toe Pantyhose 3-Pack
$31.50 $15.75
JMS Control Top, Reinforced Toe Pantyhose 4-Pack
$15.96 $9.58
Just My Style Support Pantyhose, Enhanced Toe 3-Pack
$19.49 $14.00
Just My Style Nylon Tights
$8.49 $5.94
JMS Regular, Sheer Toe Pantyhose 5X-6X 4-Pack
$21.80 $13.08
Just My Style Cotton Blend Tights
$9.49 $5.69
JMS Regular, Reinforced Toe Pantyhose 4-Pack
$14.36 $8.62
Just My Style Day Sheer Pantyhose 3-Pack
$14.49 $10.14
Hanes Silk Reflections Plus Regular, Enhanced Toe Pantyhose 3-Pack
$30.00 $15.00
Just My Style Day Sheer Control Top Pantyhose, Enhanced Toe 3-Pack
$17.49 $12.24
JMS Knee Highs, Reinforced Toe 12-Pack
$14.88 $8.93
JMS Shaper 4-Pack
$19.96 $11.98
Just My Style Lace Top Thigh Highs, Sheer Toe, 3-Pack
$22.49 $15.74
JMS Knee Highs, Sheer Toe 12-Pack
$14.88 $8.93
JMS Regular, Sheer Toe - 2X-4X Pantyhose 4-Pack
$14.36 $8.62
Just My Size Women's Blackout Tights with Soft-Touch Finish
$7.99 $5.59
JMS Silky Tights 4-Pack
$24.36 $14.62
Showing all 17 items
Looking for comfortable plus size hosiery? offers a great selection of sheers and tights from Hanes and Just My Size brands. You'll find knee highs and thigh highs too. So for smooth, pretty legs, select from our

plus size hosiery