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January 29, 2019
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Ultimate Legwear Guide

You've come to the right place to find out how to select the best legwear. We own America's leading legwear brands and offer a huge selection
of styles, colors and sizes, all at discounted prices.
Legwear guide Divider Every woman's legs look better in legwear.
  • Legwear makes your outfit complete, head to toe, enhancing both your skirt or dress and your footwear
  • Legwear gives your legs an even tone, covering skin imperfections
  • Legwear smooths bumps and bulges
  • Many styles have control built into the waist, to smooth your tummy
  • Some provide support/compression to your legs, allowing you to comfortably be on your feet longer
To find the best styles for you, you’ll want to choose the leg look and feel, a panty style, a toe style, what special technology features you want, and your brand. Of course, you'll want to include both tights and sheers, in multiple colors, in your legwear wardrobe, and you may want thigh highs and knee highs as well.
Legwear guide Divider
Leg Look & Feel
Legwear Look & Feel
Sheer or Opaque Hosiery fiber density is defined by denier. The lower the number, the lighter and sheerer the fabric. The higher the denier, the thicker and sturdier the fabric. Higher denier legwear may be opaque or offer more support to the leg. Also low denier styles are cooler and high density styles are warmer (that's why tights are so great in winter).
Here's a simple scale that measures denier from ultra sheer to blackout or opaque tights:
Hosiery Denier Chart
10 denier or less appearance = ultra sheer
20 denier appearance = silky sheer
40 denier appearance = sheer tights
60 denier appearance = everyday tights
80+ denier appearance = blackout tights
Toe style Reinforced Toe may offer better protection against runs but usually creates a noticeable variation from the color and texture of the leg. Sheer Toe or Sandalfoot is the same color and fabric as the leg. Enhanced Toe gives more run protection than reinforced toe yet looks almost invisible. Hanes Silk Reflections and L’eggs Energy offer toeless styles for wear with sandals.
Toe Style
Many of our legwear fabrics provide some compression or support for your legs. This is helpful if you are on your feet a lot. You'll find three levels of micro-massaging support (light, medium and active) in Sheer Energy. L'eggs Energy styles have graduated compression. All Hanes Alive styles are full support. Silk Reflections has a Sheerest Support style.
Color The most common legwear colors are skintones and black. The fashion-forward options are to choose a patterned tight or to choose a color that matches your outfit or your shoes (such as choosing navy legwear with a navy suit or brown legwear with brown boots). Navy, Ivory, Brown and Grey are popular shades that aren’t skintones. If you think of your legwear as a fashion accessory, you can make creative decisions as to how to use legwear colors and patterns to create the perfect outfit.
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Panty choices The top section of your pantyhose is called the panty. There are several panty styles available.
Non-Control Top panties If a pantyhose style says Regular or doesn't say Control Top, then it is non-control top. The panty extends to your waist but offers no tummy smoothing. Many woman prefer the comfort of not having control built into the panty. Control Top panties Even more women prefer that the panty section of their legwear offers smoothing or tummy control. We offer more than 20 Control Top styles. Both panty styles can be sheer-to-waist or have a panty area darker than the leg. Silk Reflections has one High Waist style for extended smoothing.
Perfect Nudes offers a girl short panty style.
If you don't want a panty at all, choose Thigh Highs. We offer three styles of Hanes Silk Reflections Thigh Highs and a JMS thigh high. Thigh Highs stay up without a garter due to a pretty lace elastic top bands. We also offer a wide selection of knee high styles, perfect under dress pants and maxi skirts.
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Technology features Look for these technology icons to appear on more and more legwear styles.
Cool Comfort®
When you see these words on a legwear package, the fabric has been specially treated to wick moisture and keep you cool and dry. XTemp™XTemp™
XTemp™ technology is another fabric treatment that is designed to adapt to your body temperature and activity level to keep you cool and comfortable. Run Resistant technology Run Resistant technology
More and more of our legwear styles are designed to resist runs. Should the legwear sustain a puncture, it forms a hole rather than a run. Also note that the higher the denier, the less likely the legwear will run.
Legwear guide Divider Putting on legwear Yes, there is a right way to put on legwear.
Putting on Legwear
Put your hand inside one leg and roll it down to the very bottom. Slip it over your toes and around your heel. Then slowly bring it up your leg as tightly as possible, until you reach the top. Repeat with the other leg. Then pull the panty up over your hips to your waist, making sure you get a good fit all around the waist and that the legs of the legwear are flush and even between your legs. You'll do better (and your legwear will last longer) if you keep your manicure and pedicure current (or your nails short), keep your legs shaved, remove rings and bracelets, and use moisturizer.
Legwear guide Divider Our famous brands Hanes and L'eggs are America's leading legwear brands.
Our Famous Brands
Hanes Legwear
Silk Reflections makes your legs silky, soft and beautiful. Pamper yourself with incredible fit, feel and versatility. Silk Reflections hosiery is a wardrobe necessity that rewards you with a little luxury. Silk Reflections is available in almost 20 styles (plus thigh highs and knee highs), as well as lots of colors and every size you’re looking for. Most styles are quite sheer, in the 15 denier range, and include a wicking Cool Comfort® panty and leg. Hanes Alive is full support sheer hosiery. The silky sheer knit gives your legs a lift and help them feel energized, so you can look and feel fabulous. Hanes Alive has a 40 denier appearance. Hanes Absolutely Ultra Sheer, the sheerest Hanes Hosiery ever, comes in Control Top styles all with a 5 denier exceptionally sheer appearance. Available in many sizes. Hanes Perfect Nudes offer foundation finishes for your legs for a perfect match to your skin tone. They also offer run resistance and wicking Cool Comfort® fabric. In sizes S-6X. Hanes Perfect Tights Range from 30 to 100 denier and offer exceptional fit, a ComfortFlex® panty, and X-Temp® technology to keep you cool and comfortable. Hanes Curves comes in 9 styles of ultra-sheer legwear and tights, including fashion tights. In sizes 1X-4X. Hanes X-Temp Tights are designed to adapt to your body temperature to keep you cool and comfortable. JMS by Hanes Famous Just My Size legwear comes in 4 styles and fits sizes 1X-4X. Choose Silky Sheer, Thigh Highs or Tights. For more choices, shop JustMySize.com
L'eggs Legwear
L'eggs Sheer Energy is our bestselling everyday legwear brand. Together L'eggs Sheer Energy & L'eggs Energy offer 14 styles, all featuring micro-massage. Innovative yarns provide various degrees of light compression, to revitalize your legs. The collection includes light, medium and active support, tights and trouser socks, as well as knee highs. Choose from up to 8 colors and sizes A-Q+. Most Sheer Energy styles are 20-40 denier, although some tights are as much as 80 denier. L'eggs Silken Mist is our sheerest everyday legwear brand with a sheer leg and a 10-20 denier appearance. The Ultra Sheer Leg style also offers run resistant technology. L'eggs Day Sheer in the coral packages offers great value. This is the original L'eggs pantyhose brand. In regular, control top and knee high styles. These 100% nylon styles range from 10-20 denier and come in up to 6 colors. L'eggs Brown Sugar is designed primarily for darker skin tones. It is exceptionally sheer 100% nylon and silky 10 denier.
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