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December 12, 2018
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Shapewear gives you the freedom to wear what you want ... and look and feel fabulous.

Our research shows that women cite many reasons for not wearing shapewear. Forget these old concerns and discover that wearing shapers can be a joy.

Here are the top customer concerns and how our shapers solve them.
Concern: Too hot. Our Promise: Our Cool Comfort® fabric treatment wicks moisture and keeps you cool and comfortable in any season. Concern: Shaper doesn't stay in place/waistband rolls. Our Promise: Stay Put Satisfaction. Signature SmoothTec® innovative band keeps waist and hems in place. Many items include grippers on the inside to keep shaper where you want it. Concern: Shapers create bulges where they end: the dreaded muffin top. Our Promise: Our shapers are designed to create a smooth transition from your shaper to your body with no pinching and binding. Concern: Too tight. Uncomfortable for all-day wear. Our Promise: Choose your smoothing level. The light/smooth level won't be tight at all if you're wearing the right size. In fact, it should feel really nice. The lightweight fabrics are soft, comfortable and pretty. Concern: Shapers create visible lines under clothes or show through form-fitting outfits. Our Promise: minimal seaming creates a no-lines look.
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What to wear under there

Choose Your Control Level The first choice is what control level you want.
Smooths or Light Control will smooth and even your silhouette, but feels almost like a regular panty or cami. Shapes or Firm Control provides more of a problem-solving function. Watch bumps, bulges and ripples disappear. Sculpts or Ultra Firm offers serious shaping. If you want to look like you lost 10 pounds since yesterday or if you're wearing bodycon fashions, go for sculpting shapers. As long as you buy the right size, you'll still be able to breathe – really.
Choose the Right Size
Most of our shapewear follows the size chart below, but be sure to check the size chart (in the right column with sizes and colors) for the specific item you are ordering. Shapers with built-in bras use bra sizing. Do not order a smaller size than the chart shows thinking you'll look thinner. If you feel really squeezed, it's too small and that's when ugly bulges can happen. For more control, go up a control level (like from smooth to shape), not down a size. Put on your shapewear correctly. Always step into it and once you have it on, sit down to make sure everything falls into place just right.
Shapewear Size Chart
S 4-6 34-38
M 8-10 39-41
L 12-14 42-44
XL 16-18 45-47
2XL 18-20 48-50
3XL 22-24 51-53
4XL 26-28 54-58
Choose Your Fabric
All shapewear is nylon/spandex, with cotton crotches (except for camis). The more nylon, the more firmness. The more spandex, the more stretch. Some have extra soft and luxurious Comfort Devotion fabric, like this high leg brief and this body shaper. Many have mesh linings for extra shaping with breathability, or include see-through mesh trim for a sexy touch. You'll find some all-over lace or jacquard styles that are especially pretty, and lots of styles with beautiful lace trim. If seams are a concern, look for styles with seamless or tailored in their names.
Choose Your Color
Almost every shape item comes in nude and black. If nude is a good match for your skintone, it should be your top choice. If you're looking for something sexy or if you have a dark skin tone, go black. Some items come in several skin tones, like the DM0051 shaping brief , so you can better match to your body color. And white is always a popular choice. We often photograph our open bust shapers with a contrasting color bra so you can see where the shaper ends and the bra begins, but you'll want to coordinate your bra and shaper color.
Choose Special Features
Look for these high-tech solutions to common shapewear concerns. Cool Comfort® – – if you fear being hot in your shapewear. Anti-Static – – Cling free fabric, so clothes glide on. SmoothTec ® – – Keeps waist and hems in place (no digging or rolling) for Stay Put satisfaction. Moisturizing – – A few styles include moisturizing extracts to help reduce the appearance of cellulite for softer and smoother skin, including Thigh Slimmer DM0047 and Body Shaper DM0048
Choose Your Styles and smooth where you need it.
Shaping Panties
Smooth tummy, hips and bottom. Shaping panties are the easiest kind of shaper to wear because they look like panties (and can be worn as your panty). We offer almost 30 choices in shaping panties, so there's definitely a style for you. First choose your silhouette and then decide if you want a tummy panel, a hi-waist style or a basic shaping brief. You may want all 3 styles to wear with different styles of outfits. Silhouettes: Hi-cut, boyshort, thong or brief. Tummy Panel briefs: A two-ply panel in front gives you extra smoothing for your tummy. Hi-Waist Briefs: These briefs reach almost to your bra band to create a smooth line across your entire torso. Makes your waist look terrific.
Waist Cinchers
Do wonders for your waist We offer four waist cinchers for when you really want an hourglass look: a pull-on, a front hook, a style with boning, and a waist cincher brief with floral mesh panels, front closure and boning. All provide 360-degree shaping.
Layer on a camisole to smooth waist, tummy and torso We offer more than 10 shaping camisoles, many of which can be layered under a jacket just like non-shaping camis, for 360-degree smoothing. Choose traditional cami styling, a strapless cami, or several open bust camis which allow you to wear your own bra for perfect fit. There's even a reversible tank and a long-length camisole. Most offer adjustable straps, and some have built-in bra cups.
Thigh Slimmers
Create a smooth line, waist to thigh Choose from more than a dozen thigh slimmers, split about evenly between at-waist and hi-waist styling. All extend well onto the thighs, although lengths vary. Some also include tummy panels, some are seamless, and a few include lace. Thigh slimmers are the shaper of choice under pants or straight skirts.
Body Shapers
All-over smoothing, shoulders to hips Body shapers are where shaping meets sexy. Many of these shapers are sexy lingerie lavished with lace or mesh. Make a fashion "shapement!" The quintessential shaping style traditionally has tank swimsuit styling with shoulder straps, a built-in bra and no leg coverage. About half of our contemporary body shapers are designed with open busts, so you can wear your favorite bra. So that's the first decision, bra cups or not. If you go with bra cups, be sure to notice if the cups are wireless or underwire. Looking for minimizer cups? Choose DF1009. Some have straps that convert to 4 of more positions, including DM1008 and DM2008. Looking for maximum coverage? DM0048 is an open-bust body shaper and thigh slimmer in one, extending from shoulder straps to mid-thigh. Be sure to look at the back shots. Some body shapers have very low backs for low-back fashions and others have rear ruching. Most have hook & eye crotches, so you don't have to take the whole garment off to visit the restroom (so annoying). The styles with the most control usually have power mesh linings that do the serious shaping. Because they cover your entire torso and have shoulder straps, slipping isn't an issue.
All-over smoothing under skirts and dresses If your outfit requires a slip, make it a shaping slip and get the added benefit of all-over smoothing –– a terrific solution for bodycon fashions. Our open bust (wear your own bra) slip is DM2002. The other three all have underwire bras and convertible straps. For lift, choose DM1032. All the slips include a lining or inner anchor with a hook and eye close to keep garment comfortably in place.
Look like outerwear, smooths waist to calves Our shaping leggings are always a top seller because they make your legs look terrific, whether you wear them under pants or wear them as outerwear under long tops or dresses. The hidden power mesh shaping panels are in all the right places. They offer firm control but are comfortable for all-day wear.
Choose Your Brand We offer several leading brands.
Why not start by clicking on your favorite bra or panty brand?
Shape guide Divider Final Tip:
When people ask if you have a new workout routine or a new diet secret, never tell them you got your smooth curves the easy way.
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