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September 7, 2018
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You may be surprised to learn that many women sleep in a bra. If you think of bras as being uncomfortable, this may sound like sleeping with the enemy, but many women find it is far more comfortable than sleeping braless. (You need to choose the right bra of course and it probably won’t be your “daytime” bra. More on that later). If you don’t currently wear a bra at night, you may want to give it a try.

Here are 4 reasons why women prefer sleeping in a bra


Sleeping in a Bra Could Provide More Support

The most common reason women sleep in a bra is that they have large or sensitive breasts that are uncomfortable as they shift around in their sleep. Wearing a bra gives women with larger busts support while they sleep, so they simply feel better.

The women who sleep in a bra for this reason swear by it. They always sleep in a bra and wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s all about choosing the right bra.
Leisure bra Sleep bras for large-breasted women.
Look for the word “Leisure” in the name of the bra. You can expect a leisure bra to have soft fabric and little or no hardware. Often, leisure bras have flexible sizing.

Consider the Glamorise Front-Hook Wirefree Leisure Comfort bra or one of these choices from Leading Lady: Cotton Front Hook Leisure bra or Zig-Zag Weave Front Hook Leisure Bra.

Although not pigeonholed as leisure bras, other bras that may fit the bill include ComfortFlex Fit bras from Bali & and Hanes as well as Just My Size Pure Comfort bras. The Bali Comfort Revolution tank with underbust support gives you some of the support of a bra but more the look of a pajama top.


Look Cute or Sexy While You Sleep

A colorful bra or bralette paired with a pj bottom or sleep shorts may be a whole lot cuter to sleep in than a t-shirt or traditional pajama top. Often these bras have sports bra or t-shirt styling and look just fine for wearing around the house.

A sexy bra (especially if it’s also comfortable like most of our bralettes) paired with a tanga or your favorite sexy panty may be just what you’re looking for to wear to bed.
Cute or sexy bralettes Sleep bras to look cute or sexy

Take a look at our bralettes. Not all of them are hardware-free with soft fabric, but many are. (Most pullover bras have no hardware.) Try the Maidenform Lace T-Back Bralette or Longline Lace Bralette or a Maidenform Casual Comfort bra but you may not get a lot of sleep wearing those.

For super cute tops to wear with pj bottoms, check out colorful Hanes bras many of which are pullovers. If Bali is your brand, try a Comfort Revolution style or the Bali One Smooth U Smooth Support Bralette.
Sleep in style


Have More Support Under Your Pajamas or Robe

As a OneHanesPlace customer said in a customer review, wearing a bra “allows me to wear my pajamas around my family without having to cover up.” Slipping on a comfy bra under your sleepwear does give you extra coverage, whether you’re sitting around the house in the evening and the doorbell rings, preparing breakfast for houseguests, or supervising your son’s sleepover.

Wearing a bra may be less cumbersome (and cooler) than pulling on a robe. For modesty under your nightgown or pjs, look for a pullover t-shirt bra.


Pregnancy and Nursing

Women who are pregnant or nursing often prefer sleeping in a nursing bra. Click for our great selection of comfortable, stretch Nursing bras from Playtex and Leading Lady bras. The three nursing bras designed specifically for sleeping or maximum comfort are the Leading Lady ZigZag Weave Leisure Bra, Leading Lady Dreamy Comfort Nursing Bras and the Leading Lady Maternity to Nursing Cotton Sleep Bras.

For more thoughts on why women sleep in their bras, check the customer reviews for our leisure bras including the Glamorise Front-Hook Wirefree Leisure Comfort Bra and the Leading Lady Cotton Front Hook Leisure Bra.

Sleeping in a bra isn’t right for everyone, but for some women it’s a “dream” solution to a good night’s sleep.

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